Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aram kitai besembayang

Yeay! Finally! Hoping to hear good news either from miri or bintulu. But still i opt for miri. No good news from miaw miaw kuching tho..hiak..hiak..
Still waiting patiently for the second interview from samling. (* fingers crossed) And looking forward for the very first interview from sesco this friday.
Yai... yai... yai... my pulse races, and my stomach drops, err..i mean mem-bun-chit. Huargh..(*curling the middle finger over the index again n again..crap! cramp!)

Again n again by 2pm

Interviewer: So..tell me, why should I hire you
Ikie the inteviewee: Err.. I'm a fast learner n I'm willing to learn....?
Interviewer: Hmm.. Looking at your cgpa........................
Ikie: ok2..i knw2.. thk u for your time today..sob..sob..
My lungs are filling up with carbon dioxide.. can't breathe!!..can't breathe!!..)
Please dont let the banana tree grows fruit twice.. Please? Miaha3

I really hate it; not knowing what the future holds for me. If only i were a psychic that could really predict the future, then i would have to worry about nothing.


Gnet said...

all the best! wud be cool if ure in miri! nearer then :P

farah.affiza said...