Monday, May 31, 2010

I came, I saw, I deleted all your posts.


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All in a day's work

Working in the factory has never been easy for me. I don't know what is so special about it that attracts me. Slowly, but surely I'm adapting. The factory langsung tak boring, since it is full of all the latest taglines, slogans etc. So here I am, laughing terguling2 sambil cium2 lantai simen while reading aloud those taglines =))

"Buka mata besar-besar. Pakai untak!"
"Jaga mangkuk sendiri.."
"Kena marah jangan simpan di dalam hati. Simpan duit =))"
"Senyummu adalah luka diriku"
"Ah~! Mau pengsan aku.."
"O' O' O' Demam panas. Demam panas."
"Rasa mau resign..Bilalah"

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beautiful soul

How can it be March already? Time flies really fast. I didn't even manage to look back and ponder upon what had happened last month; how the mighty me have fallen into deep depression. How strange is that? Me? Depressed? Talking yourself out of depression may seem impossible. But thanks to some experts, I'm all smile now. That I should appreciate life more, that working life is not always easy, that sometimes I should live up to others expectations, that sometimes it is best for me to not know what others are thinking, that I should give some space to others (for manusia like us, need some time for ourselves), that love is something we can't control; we can't make someone to love us, neither can we make ourselves to love someone. (Hot stuff!) Life is beautiful! And I like living. For life has given my soul a chance to grow...every single day =))

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quick update

Met the loud and preppy Jabu at Tarot's last Wednesday before he left for JB. Gonna miss him a lot! Hang in there Babedu Jabu. Make lots and lots of money there k? And do remember to belanja me with your very first pay. * The green grinch's grin

Texted "Bad-breath". No reply. Texted "Bad-breath" again. Still no reply. Luckily with lots of will i withstood everything. I didnt't text "Bad-breath" for the third time. See..I do improve a lot nowadays. HakHakHak.

Went window shopping with Misah. Hoping to shop through those glass windows without spending a penny. But to no avail, i failed. Ciss.. That night, I couldn't sleep, looking at how much i've spent in just one day..

Went out for midnight movie with R aka Edward Cullen (perghh..ya lah ya..). Watching the hot bod ninja-ing makes me drooling! Basah baju! All was well until the hall got too cold so that my feet n hands were numb. Dammit! I thought i was going to die should i stay in there any longer.

My week can be concluded with one word, AWESOME!

You may think I am all sad and have no life, but that's fine with me. I love to keep it that way. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sukati kaki kami LAH mau jejak mana

A tenshi-angel i have always wanted to be.
With no halo.
Yet with good intention.
Screaming my heart and lung out loud with a growling stomach.
Along with the peace-keeper, the devil, the grim-reaper and winnie and pooh.
An amateur at 22 with a Shakespeare's fishing rod i was that night.
Smiling like a Cheshire cat with one hand clinging clumsily to a distilled beverage.
Sober Santa with his one horse open sleigh crashes my consciousness, asking me to
Senyum 1234! Holy guacamole! It aint Santa.. But the grim reaper. Mempersilakan naik tangga dengan penuh kesopanan. Aku kebingungan and in awe. Since when ada makhluk yang begitu friendly? Ow.. duhal grim reaper ya C. No wonder begitu sopan..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

spongy betol lah

Pica on thursday.
Had hush hush..sang along to that no-no song. Memang "My eyes hurt. Hands shiver. Plus i had HEARTBURN. Akai! Sakit lah!"

Grappa + amoe on friday.
Luckily last saturday was public holiday, thanks to someone who must celebrate his birthday on that day. Cheers! Err.. Obeisance!
Night at Grappa wasn't that great. Let's say 'THANK YOU' to some idiotic dandy dudes who think that they own that place. Wei, Grappa tu hak kita bersama, bukan tempat kung fu fighting aite? Next, we hopped to Amoe. And it wasn't a brand new trip, but still i XOXO G-J-F-M-R-C-T. ruff..ruff..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aram kitai besembayang

Yeay! Finally! Hoping to hear good news either from miri or bintulu. But still i opt for miri. No good news from miaw miaw kuching tho..hiak..hiak..
Still waiting patiently for the second interview from samling. (* fingers crossed) And looking forward for the very first interview from sesco this friday.
Yai... yai... yai... my pulse races, and my stomach drops, err..i mean mem-bun-chit. Huargh..(*curling the middle finger over the index again n again..crap! cramp!)

Again n again by 2pm

Interviewer: So..tell me, why should I hire you
Ikie the inteviewee: Err.. I'm a fast learner n I'm willing to learn....?
Interviewer: Hmm.. Looking at your cgpa........................
Ikie: ok2..i knw2.. thk u for your time today..sob..sob..
My lungs are filling up with carbon dioxide.. can't breathe!!..can't breathe!!..)
Please dont let the banana tree grows fruit twice.. Please? Miaha3

I really hate it; not knowing what the future holds for me. If only i were a psychic that could really predict the future, then i would have to worry about nothing.