Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quick update

Met the loud and preppy Jabu at Tarot's last Wednesday before he left for JB. Gonna miss him a lot! Hang in there Babedu Jabu. Make lots and lots of money there k? And do remember to belanja me with your very first pay. * The green grinch's grin

Texted "Bad-breath". No reply. Texted "Bad-breath" again. Still no reply. Luckily with lots of will i withstood everything. I didnt't text "Bad-breath" for the third time. See..I do improve a lot nowadays. HakHakHak.

Went window shopping with Misah. Hoping to shop through those glass windows without spending a penny. But to no avail, i failed. Ciss.. That night, I couldn't sleep, looking at how much i've spent in just one day..

Went out for midnight movie with R aka Edward Cullen (perghh..ya lah ya..). Watching the hot bod ninja-ing makes me drooling! Basah baju! All was well until the hall got too cold so that my feet n hands were numb. Dammit! I thought i was going to die should i stay in there any longer.

My week can be concluded with one word, AWESOME!

You may think I am all sad and have no life, but that's fine with me. I love to keep it that way. :)