Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mom brought me to Dermalogica last Wednesday to accompany her for facial. At first, I was quite reluctant because my must watch Korean drama “Cooking up romance” was about to start anytime soon. However, shortly after that, I agreed since she’s paying for me as well.

Mom: But mummy had made appointment for both of us. You really don’t want to go?
Me: Who’s paying for mine? You? Or me?
Mom: Mummy la, of course. Why? You want to shell out for both of us?
Me: Aih… Don’t get me wrong. I was just asking. (*Yippie!!! Don’t have to spend my baru-dapat-gaji)

So, we made our way to dermalogica around 4. Being pampered and massaged not only our face but our collar-bone area as well, feels like I’m in a dreamland. Stress-free,worry-free, plus extremely therapeutic. If only I can have this every single day. Heaven…We even had cold mask. It was soothing but the smell kinda appalling. Smells like seaweed. Eh, wait. It was seaweed. He3.

While waiting for mummy to jual ubat (*aka girls’ talk) with the beautician lady, suddenly I feel like rebonding my hair.

Me: Mummy, can you give me some cash? Any amount will do.
Mom: Nah, what for?
Me: Want to go to Iszeva ( hair salon in Nyelong Park)
Mom: Let me know when you’re done
Me: Ok, will do. (*cues hallelujah)

Mom must think that I wanted to trim my hair. But, the money she gave me was more than enough for a haircut. Hahaha… So, I had my hair straightened. I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. My hair is super duper straight now. (*Guna jari pun boleh…) I love it!

Actually, my idea of doing this entry is because I’ve found the interesting information of nature’s formula for survival, that is; 1+1=1. (* Watched it on Sponge, channel 303) Ever heard of Budget frog, also known as wide-mouthed frog? (Budget frog)

A Budget frog is a lot like a pac-man in its habits and behaviors. What happen if you put two Budget frogs in the same tank? Tada... There will be only one frog left. And what happen to the other one? Well, the thing is, the bigger one will eat the smaller one, in a split second! Terrifying huh? Wait till you watch the real thing. It was so absurd. No wonder its species is facing extinction. Well, they have no choice, they have to kill or be killed. That’s how they survive. Yes, the world is cruel. Same goes to us human, it's either we condemn others or to be condemned. In other words, sama ada anda mengumpat, atau anda akan diumpat. Walaupun anda tidak mengumpat seseorang itu pun, anda akan dituduh mengumpat. The accuser is such a scumbag!!!


Gnet aka The Squid said...

ur posts is so random! hekhek
show me ur straight hair!!! =P
are u realllyy coming to miri???

Ikie said...

is it a compliment o wat?2moro i'll show my new hair.nothing special actually.straighten ba.pia2jak.he3.most probably goin 2 miri.atau kch.sbb aunty aku suruh g kch jap,mcm la nya braya.ha3

anNette said...

my hair pun dah boleh guna jari now.. wher's d piccas?? ;p

stephie87 said...

Where's the dermalogica situated huh?

stephie87 said...

Where's this dermalogica is situated huh?

Ikie said...

dermalogica,dekat2 rumah eva.jelutong barat.nyelong park.u knw wher?im nt very gud wif dircetion,bt i can show u wher =)