Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Blues

Having (*only) three periods classes today really put me in high spirits. With glee, i made my way to the first class (* where I’m the homeroom teacher), my 7.05am class. As usual, nothing to be surprise of, the class was in a mess.

Window pans – Dusty
The floor – As if Ike just said hello to the class
Dustbin – Not emptied
And the class was so N.O.I.S.Y plus, they didn’t even greet me.

Grace’s happy mode meter -> 80% left
7.05 -> Still noisy
7.30 -> Greetings, welcome to Bazaar Ramadhan
7.45 -> The students are no longer students, they’ve became fishmongers

Grace’s happy mode meter -> 50% left

8.00 -> Some of the students able to carry out multi-task. (hebat nyer, buat kerja rumah lain behind my back ye)I’m surprised, and amaze of their fearless attempt. Can’t they see that I’m hopping mad?

Grace’s happy mode meter-> 0% (* kong already, not rechargeable)

I’m at my wits’ end. I’ve tried everything to calm myself down and to slow down the volume of the class, but nothing has worked. Jadi, apalagi, I start to mengamuk. There goes me shouting, them badmouthing me behind my back and etc. I was so mad, and 95% of what I said was just gobbledygook. I keep on yelling and yelling till the 8.25 bell rang.
(*Guess they’ve been saved by the bell, or am I the one being saved?)

How was my day? Can’t complain… T_T

1.05 -> Yabedabedoo…It’s time to go home. Monday blues, one second is like forever you know.

Yay, today is Chin Aie’s 21st birthday. (*This lass really loves purple) She and her roommates and others thrown a party at her house yesterday, and they didn’t bother to invite me. Hu3. I’m the life and soul of the party, how could you people left me? Sob..sob.. I presume all of you had a whale of a time yesterday kan? What did they cook for you Aie? Sedap or not? I’m pretty saddened for not joining the party just like the previous years. I reckon we (or simply me?) will miss those days, the days where we the chickas go jalan-jalan, makan-makan, umpat-umpat, haha-hihi-huhu, and not forgetting cuci mata.

(Aie & Ikie) (Aie & Ikie at Keris Mas' Cafe)
(Aie's 20th birthday)

So, Chin Tze Yee, (hah, everyone knows your full name now.ha3), first of all, I want to thank you for always being there for me. Second, I want to apologize for all the wrongdoings I’ve done to you. But above all that, I want to wish you a very happy and blessed birthday. May the good Lord showers His abundant blessings upon you. Anang manchal-manchal auk?

Ps: Can you do me a favour? Help me to keep an eye on Warden guy ok? Hahahahaaha….

Love & prayers,
The one you’ve spent your entire three years in uni with, Sokoyot


Gnet said...

gosh xda keja lain u in d class. u r paid to shout at them every single day. LOL

Ikie said... paid 2 shout at dem.sronok ba.bleh mhilangkan stress kat cdak.he3