Friday, September 12, 2008

Money is everything. Everything is money?

Have you ever thought of becoming one of the renowned mogul in this earth? How would their life be, how they spend each penny from their piggy banks...
Well, Ikie does. I can't stop thinking how to make incalculable money and how to spend it, or should i say them?

Been busy with job hunting lately and it makes me realize how important money is. Without money, I am no one. Eh, wait. I am someone. Mom’s devoted follower. Ok la. Pengikut wallet mummy yang setia.hu3

I believe money can buy anything, as well as happiness. With money, you can purchase anything you want, what you desire for and this leads to happiness. So, what brings up “money CAN’T buy everything”? Students, I mean, children these days don’t realize how the money makes the world go round. They have this kind of idea where they expect they can live without money. Currently Ikie is teaching in one of Sarikei’s high schools. Teaching students, from all kind of backgrounds and with all sorts of perceptions is very very challenging to me. Why would it be? They are just students… Well, it is. Since 95% of the students don’t have any motivation or drive to study. They just couldn’t find any fun or interest in their studies.

One day, Cikgu Grace asked them this trivial question, “How are you going to buy food without money?” Guess what their answer is… “Man can not live on bread alone”
T_T (*Cikgu Grace is speechless, but not amazed.) Their Bible Knowledge is A + + + but got F in Pendidikan Moral.

Student A to E = Teacher’s pets
Student F to Z = Domestic pets

Those kids are nothing but such a pain in the ass. They yet ask me this question, “So can money buy love?” Cikgu Grace,“Why not? You expect any random girl will walk down the aisle and say “I do” when you pop out the question even if you are penniless? Please la, this thing only comes about in movies kawan.” Student F, “But teacher, the marriage won’t last long if there is no love…”
-_- … (Cikgu Grace gives the impression of being really terkejut here)

Being in the state of malas nak layan lagi,
Cikgu Grace,“Ok class, back to our subject matter. Please turn to page 99 and Student A please read question one out loud.” ( Cikgu Grace pledged that she won’t ask those kind of questions in the future.

Once again, I’ve failed to motivate those monkeys, I mean those students to study with all their heart and soul. And Student F to Z once again succeed in the debate, titled “Bermain(menjadi monyet) adalah lebih baik daripada belajar(menjadi pelajar)”

What had happened to kids nowadays? Dunia dah berubah, zaman dah maju? I really hate this phrase. Who created this so called well-known dim-witted slogan among those students? Ahh..that gifted and intellectual Berita Harian..


E e X a a said... are kids.

Now that you know susah ho deal with kids?

i hope my teachers back in high school labeled me as the student A.


Gnet said...

oh cikgu grace..poor you. hekhek
they'll realize sooner or later.
but u hve to guide them thru that way so that they wont go to the wrong ways. huehue

Ikie said...

yala.its very difficult 2 deal wif dem eexaa.hu3

im trying my best 2 guide dem along the right path squid.trying different method every dy 2 'lure' dem into the world of study.pendidik anak bangsa kah ini?,ha3