Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I like it hot!

A week ago:

Ikie: Mom, can you fetch me a bit later? I still have work to be done.
Mom: You have RM20 with you now, don’t you?
Ikie: Aikks? Tak menjawab soalan pulak. Nope, not even a single cent. Why?
Mom: Your dad, he called an hour ago and asked us to take your car from kedai, but I’m short of RM20.
Ikie: Really?! Today?! Now?! Step has RM50 with her. She has the money!
Mom: She spent them already. Not a single cent left...
Ikie: Apu.. Keni deh? (So how?)
Mom: Nevermind, I’ll try to talk to that taukeh and we pay the other RM20 when your dad comes back from Bau. How about that?
Ikie: Can meh?
Mom: Can.. Of course.. ( Macam tak confident jak bunyi)

Back at home:

Ikie: Mom, malu la if we owe that taukeh RM20. Don’t you have any piggy banks?
Mom: Ada..If you tidak malu to pay with coins.
Ikie: At least much better than berhutang ler.

Consequently, my mom, my brother and I, with muka tidak tau malu, made our way to the kedai and guess who had to cling to the coins? Me! Ishh.. Malu bukan kepalang ni.. Even the taukeh said, “ Wah, is these all your savings?” Yeah right.

After paying for the car payment and the car registration, mom left me and my brother behind to inspect the car, in case there are any dents or scratches (since she’s late for work.hmm..). In my opinion,

she’s not suppose to rely on us to check on the car since,
number one, we absolutely know nothing about this,
number two, we are blinded by the new car (we won’t be able to spot any damage on it, to us, the car is perfect) and
number three, we won’t take any responsibility if the car’s condition is somehow not ok.
We circled the car around and round and round for at least 5 times, under the scorching sun. Now, I look tanned! Ciss.. As I was reversing the car and heading the main road, suddenly my brother screamed out, “Hey, the speed should not be more than 40!!!” Dude, I nearly had a heart attack, just so you know. So, I was thinking, what the heck, 40? Why? What seems to be the problem? And he said, “When driving new car, you should not speed, in other words, not more than 40, understand?” I was like, “Say who?” My brother who seems to know everything replied “Ceh, nyak pun enda nemu ka? Everyone knows that.” Yeah right.
I drove all the way home at 40. Just imagine how slow that is. Luckily, it wasn’t peak hours and not many cars are around.
Nevertheless, we arrive home safely. Later that day, my dad arrived from Bau. We told him the whole story and he just laughed saying, “Praise the Lord. The car is here and you two reached home safely. Next time you drive the car, not more than 60 ya.”
Earlier, my dad and I had agreed on this;

he will drive myvi and I will drive kelisa,
UNTIL I’m used to the roads in Kuching,
UNTIL I’m confident enough to drive around Kuching, with no one to assist me and I have to make sure I won’t meet any accident in the near future (for the car’s sake, not mine.hu3).
Until then, I can’t even lay my eyes on the car. (So mean…) In order to drive that car, maybe I have to wait patiently, uncomplainingly for 1 year or maybe 2 years?

So, until then, I'll be driving this

Oh..I love the smell of the new car, though it's not good for health. The smell of deadly chemicals.And dad will have myviwife

Mr Spikey the cowardly-senile dog. He is still afraid of the myv

My younger sis, kepoh...


Gnet the Squid said...

take me on a ride with that new car!!!
sambil2 tu, let gnet hold mr spikey!!! uuuuuuuu... hahaha

Anonymous said...

wow grace! finally a car!! hehehhe...
drive safely ya..

Ikie said...

gnet,did i mention that mr spikey is senile?if he bites, im not going to pay for any hospital bills ya.ha3.pat,wil do.let's pray that kch drivers are as well-mannered as skei ppl do.ha3

Bridget Lee said...

haha, hey, when u in kch, msg me! if you got time, teach me the road in kch! i got car at my disposal, but sadly, i no sense of direction. haih haih...

Emmy Dahliana said...

ur living permanently in kch now?
haaaa im back soon.
take me jalan2 in ur new car! :P

Ikie said...

bridget,sure.wil do.klu sy tau jln jg la.ha3

emy,juz lemme knw when ur in kch oldi ya