Friday, December 12, 2008

Glad tidings this month brings

In PTPL we had this thing call mentor-mentee group where all of us tutors were assigned to taking care/ looking after a number of students and it is COMPULSORY for each group to organize one big event (and it is supposed to be grand.hmm talking about grand,where on earth are we suppose to look for sponsors?) for each month. For this month, our group had a Christmas' Party. Here are some of the snippets:

PTPL's angels..and one particular cute seraph =)

I was too occupied with 'let's eat those food' game. Thus, no pictures during makan2.

"I demand to know who is the prettiest among us 4 now!"

And of course, I won since I am. No doubt. Huarghh..Huarghh..

With this entry, I would like to wish all of you " A very happy, holy & glorious Christmas!!! Ho..Ho..Ho.. everyone"