Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009, talk to me please

"I haven't lost my smile at all, it's right under my nose. I just forgotten it was there"

Hi and bye to Mr. Doulos
(Grace: Where's those Korean volunteers?Hmm..
Sherry: Hiding somewhere behind the books maybe, I don't know..
*grace alert)

2009, I welcome you with big smile, open heart and full with enthusiasm

This 2009, I'll sing my heart out

And be good to my friends (*extra good to Kate_)

To think outside the box

And reach for the stars (* no more singing for the moon, it just won't work)

Will try to say no to shisha (* fingers crossed)

paying Barzing less visit

go to tranquil Ruai more often

make new friends anywhere, anyhow, anywhen

may more pigeon feet to come

keep secrets to oneself

but still, i have to express myself nyeh..

2008 is gone, 2009 is tagging along n 2010 is yet to come...
n getting older..hu3


Sherry BeL said...


cute sungguh post awak ini ye?

Ikie said...

knape u rasa post ini cute?u nak mengampu i ke?
"post i comey x"?miahah..quoting u knw who..

pattirmina said...

update pun kau. hehe. getting older ah grace..?

huu..rindu pulak la aku ngenang wht we did on your bday last yr. it was FUNNY. haha.

hope yours this yr will b a blast, eventho your campus chickas are not thr, hope u'll enjoy yourself in the company of your friends! muahh!

to grace's friends: she likes surprises. dont tell her your plans. haha.
p/s: we made her cry once, she tot we forgot her bday. haha. =P

Gnet said...

ngek patty
yala grace's friends.
she likes surprises! :P
missing u

Ikie said...

miahaha..anak2 daniel ni..
miss u2
boh enjoy glak cnun.
aku jeles
pat: im getting older bt maintain kiut ba kan.he3
gnet:jg bait2 L****R
boh ngaco nya k =P

Just call me Miss Gump said...

feeling old? welcome to the club :)

Sherry BeL said...

grace's friends

we all know grace luv surprises.
in fact, she never stops reminding us (especially me)
she informed us (as early as December 2008)

to grace,


Gnet said...