Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Be my villain-time

Love is in the air. Or was? Ya..Ya.. I know it's the month of March already. Hmm..with lot's of things going on during last February; Ima's birthday, Sandra's wedding and Grace Ikie's birthday, I'm contented. I really am. Okey, I'm not. I want this (badly)...

and I want something else..(what a baddie!!! shame on you Grace Ikie!)

My birthday:
The attendees:
Sherry, Didek, Mac, Chris & John

The absentees:
Aie, Lindsay, Fong2, Bebeth, Patty, Christine, Suzie & Gnet

Substitute for the cake:

The place:
Mr. Ho & Little Lebanon

I love my 22nd birthday, since I love surprises a LOT. And thanks to my best friend a.k.a Sherry, I had a blast though it's such a simple affair. Knowing that I love surprises, Sherry tried her very best to surprise me LAH, which she failed to, since I, ACCIDENTALLY, grab the refrigerator's door handle and start looking for icy-cool water, and...and... I saw a box of something, my curiosity level arises, and..and..and I took a tiny weeny peek of what inside and from there, I know what to expect for the surprise. Miahaha..

I love my 22nd birthday, since two of my beloved friends came all the way from Unimas to join the celebration.

I love my 22nd birthday, since I had phwoarr cupcakes instead of the traditional birthday cake.
Do visit for more pictures of those cupcakes.

I love my 22nd birthday and I don't know why I love counting those candles. Maybe I'll stop when I start counting my age backwards.I love my 22nd birthday, since I can puff and puff and make the bubbles in the sisha's bottle swirling

I miss my 21st, 20th & 19th birthday where I had all the chickas gathered together...

For all the birthday wishes; be it sms, comments on facebook, friendster, phone calls, etc., thank you


Buttacup and Muffin said...

Happy Birthday to you Grace! Steph tok. Hope u have all the wildest joys in the world. Haha. *Wildest*

pattirmina said...

aww..dearie, we miss u too!

muacks, peluk ketat-ketat!

Gnet said...

at least the tradition didnt die right?
still surprises! :P
missing u!

Ikie said...

step,thk u.thk u..WILDEST?? ha3 ok2

pat,can i hv some1 else to peluk me ketat2 instead of u?ha3

olga,ha3.yup.the surpises still there