Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If you could see me now

I'm not a young adult anymore. I'm an adult. Why did I make such statement? This is why:

Momoi's dad told her to call me Aunty Grace, but I insist to be called as Kakak Grace. And to which Momoi did. Heart you Momoi. Whereas Baby Ryan not even once address me as Kakak, all he ever said to me was nothing but Chebau, and that's how he is given 'Ryan-the Chebau' nickname by his family.

I'm a caring person who cares for her neighbors. Visited a student who met with an accident. We talk a bit, had some trashy comments on others, took some pictures (which is a must) before headed home.

I'm a family-oriented person. I nearly had my tears on when I celebrated Aunty Winnie's birthday. The atmosphere reminds me of my family back in Sarikei.

I'm so full of myself. Sometimes, I'm so disgusted to see me giving compliments to none other than yours truly me. I think I should check myself into an asylum.

I'm so good at window-shopping and at trying on any garments that I like but won't purchase due to kes tidak berdu~. The picture says it all:


Sherry BeL said...

wahh... a post totally full of MY family hehehe
hey grace, family aku, family d gak bah ;)