Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yoh leh

In my previous entries, I've been whining and complaining about how much I hate my state of being (now) until I had bellyache. Well, it's somehow lame and full of drama. So, here I am to lower down my ego and admit that I enjoy some bits (or maybe more) of this so called transition phase.

Meet our virus-survival pc. My colleagues and I are very proud of it. Even virus nipah can't bring it down.

When something dishearten skimpy me, I will lift my head high, chin up and fix my dozy eyes on this
(Meaning to say, I'm an A++ employee if all the students guests are contented with my service. Sounds like an easy job huh...oh well, i leave that for you to ponder upon)

Guess who made this. Saya...punya students. They finished it after 4 excruciating hours. Just imagine how tiring it is to finish this thing up when the weather is kinda windy.

And I do have adopted class. Don't believe me? Let me show you.

See, that's my name. GRACE. And the class is Merapok. So far, my class still can be categorized as clean.

Last tuesday, indocafe-man indocafe-van paid a visit to our college. Every single living thing that resides in the college was sprinting like those Olympics' sprinters, claiming their free cups, in my case, three.Ahh... The joy of free drinks.

3 cups of indocafe equals to 1 sleepless night and a giddy head.


Patt Irmina said...
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pattirmina said...

grace, ko keja apa skrng? ko dh jdi kakak tutor ka? or lecturer?

Ikie said...

kat ctok,lecturer adalah tutor.ada senior tutor, n tutor biasa cam aku tok. d umah, aku jd kakak grace to my fren's kazen.he3