Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Being a cheapskate

Being self-centered is what we human being good at. I'm not practically talking about someone here, but in general. Is cheapskate equivalent to self-centered?If you ask me, I would say yes. Being a cheapskate myself and working around people which more cheapskateR than I do, make me realize that I am not alone. I have no reason to feel ashamed or etc. But as seconds goes, and the end of the month comes, I feel so AAAARRRRRGGGHHH... Even the a4 papers kena catu. Ridiculous. Won't say anything more about this paper thingie, for I still need my job. Next, about facilities. Picture these:

1) You are using computer that is provided for all, I repeat, provided for all, for public use, untuk kemudahan awam, and suddenly someone said, "Eh, kamek mok pake lok" and just park his butt on the chair in front of the computer. How would you react? Just accept it bluntly and fake a smile?

2) There is this thing on your working table, and suddenly this person, who comes from nowhere, maybe sent by God, to test your level of 'calmness' asking for this particular thing, which is of course doesn't belong to that person, and he/she keeps on insisting to have it, though you are reluctant, very reluctant, next, you see his/her hands, snatching away that thing of yours, dan dengan selambanya said thank you. What will you do? Just send her away with your not-blinking eyes?

People! People! People! My reputation as the living legendary cheapskate is ruined. No living things ever heard about cheapskate being bullied like this. So people, I'm a cheapskate no more. I am a merciful & ever giving person, maha pengasih, you ask, and i'll give. Just so you know, I don't like being the victim of the cubicle wars.


E e X a a said...

hey, whats up?

E e X a a said... the 2nd statement is abt me? me asking the file fr you? huhu. just curious.

Ikie said...

pok,bukan kwu la.ha3.kwu aku x kisah.kwu kwn aku ba.nok sorg bok aku knal ya ba.aih..trasa indah