Monday, November 17, 2008

A place called here

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Thank God it's Friday!!!
You'll see me in a very high spirit when it's finally Friday. I get so excited since I can relax on the next day and the day after next. I can sleep late at night, and wake up around noon. I have nothing to do beside eating, watching tv and sleeping. That's the ideal way of life I'm wishing for. Not healthy? Peduli apa aku. Asal bahagia geng...

Let's count the days together once again. Shall we?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Thank God it's Saturday!
You see, I have to work from Monday to Saturday like a cow. I can't eat like a pig and sleep like ular sawa anymore. If I were a cow, for sure I'll suffer from mad cow disease. Arghh.. I hate my job. I envy those people who get the job they like. Okay, I don't mind if I get the job that I don't like, as long as my pay slip has many zeros on it or, the figure starts with 3 and followed by 3 zeros. Then, I would love my job. Dear employer, I know that I'm wishing for something that is ridiculous. I don't ask for much, just pay me with reasonable salary, amount that tally with my qualification. Thank you.

Last Saturday, I went to Semenggoh with my aunty and met my cousin there around noon. Holy guacamole, he losts a lot of kg. It's not fair. How come he lost weight so easily? (Mestila, dia hari2 gardening. Mana tak kurus kan? I should join him there, but can I endure it? Since they have classes in the morning and in the afternoon, gardening classes in the field. Studying under the scorching sun?I salute uu..)

Later in the evening, aunty and I went to her friend's house at Kpg Tematu. I tell you, I was so shocked when I heard they communicate with their voices to the max, plus, in Bidayuh language, as if they are trying to grab each other throats. I was stunned and speechless. The funny thing is, my aunt understand every single Bidayuh words her friend uttered, and she answered her back in Melayu Sarawak. They were like ayam and itik. Phua Chu Kang once quoted, "Don't play2.The power of friendship." Bluff. I quoted it.

Aunty really knows to cook. I enjoy her cooking more than mom's.hua3. Don't go and tell my mom.It's a secret. She will freak out of she finds out. She cooked steamed mince pork, soy sauce taugeh, emm what else, yes, my favourite, daun ubi. I heart you aunty.he3.

On Sunday, we met Sandra, my mutual friend. Sandra and I went to Parkson while aunty went to chop off her damaged hair. Oh how I hate window shopping. I had to tie up my hands and open up my eyes wide. Next, we headed to The Spring. They went for shopping and me sightseeing. Next next next next, around 3pm,we went to Food & Tea for brunch, lunch, lunch, hi-tea to grab something to eat. What I like about going out with them is, they never let me pay for the food.he3. Happy. I had pork rib & teh c peng special + jelly, but they called it tea....hong kong style. Lame. Just call it teh c peng la. I enjoy their company and I can't wait to meet them again next week. Ok, this entry is just an excuse for me to congratulate Miss Mary & Miss Sandra on their graduation this coming Friday. Have a nice and pleasant journey to KL ya. Take care.

Of course, this is a picture of me:
(Trust me, I was munching on food here, that's why I'm tembam. Lame. Ha3)

Aunty Mary

Trying her best to strike a pose here