Sunday, March 15, 2009

Emoticon My Heart

Lady Gaga's Just Dance:
She said:
I had a little bit too much.

How does he twist the dance?

I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore
He said:
Just dance, gonna be okay, da-da-doo-doo-mm
Flo Rida's Right Round:
She said:
You spin my head right round, right round

When you go down, when you go down down
He said: Somebody help meText Color*cues, Kat Deluna's Whine Up

Natasha's Bedingfield's Pocket Full Of Sunshine

She said:
Take me away, a secret place

A sweet escape, take me away
Take me away to better days

Take me away, a hiding place

There's a place that I go that nobody knows

Where the rivers flow and I call it home

And there's no more lies in the darkness there's light

And nobody cries, there's only butterflies

He said:
Oh, oh oh oh
Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck
She said:
Said you’d never come back

But here you are again

Cuz we belong together now

Forever united here somehow

You got a piece of me

And honestly
my life would suck without you
Being with you is so dysfunctional

I really shouldn’t miss you, but I can’t let go
He said:
Oh yeah
Akon's Right Now
She said:
It's been so long

That I haven't seen your face

I'm trying be strong

But the strength I have is washing away

It wont be long
Before I get you by my side

And just hold you, tease you, squeeze you

Tell you what's been on my mind
He said:
Girl I know mistakes were made between us two
And we show our eyes that night
Even said somethings weren't true

She said:
I miss you much

I can't lie

I miss you much

Watching everyday that goes by

I miss you much

Until I get you back
I'm gonna try

Yes I miss you much
You are the apple of my eye

I want you to fly with me
Want you to fly

I miss how you lie with me

Miss how you lie

Katy Perry's Thinking Of You
She said:
You said there's
tons of fish in the water
So the water's I will test

He said:
You kissed my lips
I taste her mouth
She said:
You said move on.

Where do I go?

I guess second best
Is all I will knowDavid Guetta's Love Is Gone
She said:
What are we suppose to do

After all that we've been through
Where everything that felt so right is wrong

Now that the love is gone

There is nothing else to prove

Now you still deny the simple truth

Can't find the reason to keep holding on
Now that love is gone
Love is gone...I feel so hurt inside
Feel so hurt inside
Got to find a reason

He said:
Got to find a reason

To hold on

PCD's I hate this part
He said:
I hate this part right here

She said:
Now we ain't talked since we left

It's so overdue

It's cold outside

But between us its worse in here

All American Reject's Gives You Hell
He said:
And truth be told I miss you

And truth be told I'm lying
She said:When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell

When you walk my way

Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell


pattirmina said...

oh dear.
this post sgt sgt la tersirat mksudnya..~

hope you r ok. i wish you happiness. (no matter who it is with)

blogger-whore said...

ku fahammm
"thinking of u" paling sadisss
ku brik ko lagu ya b4.hahhaa

Ikie said...

pat,hw do u knw it is tersirat,n not tsurat?miahaha

fara,thks 4 the so called dedication.miahaha.ngegeh kwu..

Gnet said...

somehow cute

blogger-whore said...

so called dedication..
alu emo kta2