Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bamboo Shoot

Sunny morning today is, and in a very good mood i am. Driving, driving, driving, drive, in search for a parking space, found unoccupied one, and got one long scratch on both doors in return. Holy guacamole! With this, I would like to thank myself for having such incredible driving skill, and to the car owner whose bumper caused the scratch on my car's doors, congratulations on your new P license! I would also like to thank Mark for helping me to reverse my car and kindly reparked it at a much bigger parking space, Emmy and Ruby for being so thoughtful, laughing their hearts out, watching me struggling to avoid any kind of scratches and dents on my car while trying to figure a way out. ish..ish..

Note to self; number one, do not make fun of your friend when he or she made an animation of his or her car accident experience, for what comes around, goes around, in short, karma sayang oi (Patty, hu3, minta ampun banyak2 sempena bulan gawai, bulan menuai padi ini). Number two, must take seriously what Hape said to Patty, because it is all true, “Dia(the car) merajuk tu, sebab dah lama dia tak dimandikkan oleh tuan punya kereta.” Same goes to my car, it had been a month or so since it is last seen spotless and all-shiny. Last but not least, number three, please remember that you are driving a bigger car now, not a kelisa anymore, so do not be over-confident when you want to park your car at a not-so-big parking space. Hmmphh


pattirmina said...


rmmbr to go find the car wax tht can remove scratches ya. but i think it works only for minor scratches, not sure about big ones. how bad is it?

nevertheless, better go ask kt kedai car accessories la see if they do sell the wax stuff.

Gnet said...

blog more amoi!
time for a spring-cleaning for this blog! :P