Friday, July 17, 2009

Ah Moi the Kiasu with the spring-cleaning

Yeay! It's summer! Hot! Hot! Shall I start this spring-cleaning post with acknowledging the weather? *wink* Yes, I am back blogging , so feel free to drop by and watch me ranting

I am feeling not ok tonight, and I really want to blog about it, but emm..nah.. those kind of posts doesn't seem to be appropriate for this warm, happy, chirpy summer. Or should I save those posts for later time of the year, AUGUST (to be exact, I repeat, AUGUST) perhaps?

Enough said, I need to write something which is chirpy and lively~

Went to Rainforest World Music Festival despite the swine-flu. Memang cari nahas~
Was my first time there. Won't be attending the festival if not because of someone else is paying for the ticket, since Ikie really have no money and is afraid to die at such a young age because of the flu. We always relate rainforest with its cool air n breeze, but what i experienced that night was nothing but heat. Aiyah..ching yiik ah.. Will update pics soon. Malas, due to extremely hot weather. Kuang..kuang..kuang..