Friday, August 29, 2008

Life Is Like Chocolate

Sweet taste of chocolate:
Last Friday, I went to Kuching for a job interview. Thank God! I got the job. It was 5-hours lackluster drive from Sarikei to Kuching. Nothing much can be done inside the car, so, here are bags of sel-cas.

with lil sisters: step & anne

Bitter taste of chocolate:
I asked my fellow kuchingnites’ friends out for yam cha. Eezyaa couldn’t make it because she had a prior arrangement with someone else. Wanie and Emot, at once said yes, and the “one-who-mustn’t-be-named”, after some, I mean, after numerous of persuasion, eventually said yes as well. Literally, only me, Wanie, and Emot agreed to meet up at the infamous The Spring, whereas, the “one-who-mustn’t-be-named” didn’t response to my sms when I notified him/her about the meeting place and time. Phwoarr…it’s tedious to call “one-who-mustn’t-be-named” with “one-who-mustn’t-be-named”. It’s so long, as if I’m summoning some kind of ghost from hell.(Harry Potter? Na-ah, I prefer the wicked witch from Snow White). This name really suits this person well, since, this someone is a real scumbag, bona fide ghoul. Yeah, I’m really mad at this person, I’m very pissed. Please keep on reading to listen, I mean to read the whole stories) Let’s name the “one-who-shouldn’t-be” as JD. So that it either can be John Doe or Jane Doe.
Warning! This story is kinda heartbreaking. There will be heaps of badmouthing. So, JD, if you’re reading this, boo yahh!!
Where was I, hah, yes, initially, JD agreed to meet up and said that he/she will bring along his/her gerek. Few hours before the meeting time, JD sms me saying he/she couldn’t make it for yam cha. What the…? You’ve promised what… You shouldn’t agree in the first place if you couldn’t. You arr…, always give me false hopes now and then. Why you always liddat ar...

JD: Ey, sorry, I can’t go out la tonite.
Me: (Trying to be nice) Why?
JD: My gerek can’t go out lor…Jadi malas la kluar.
Me: (This fellow, so lame…) Ok. Till then, bye.
JD: (No reply)
Me: (This scumbag really is something...Phony. Ghoul. Dumb-founded. Please la scumbag, I want some straight talking around here. Just tell me if don wan to meet me. Simple as that ma… )

In the end, only Wanie and Emot showed up.

(JD, you think I’m immature since I badmouthed you? Owh yeah? I don’t care. The unkind remarks is just about to start, now) *cues horror sounds*

Somehow, someone, a big shot I would call her, found out that something bad happened to JD, some kind of accident. (Aiseh, benda dah berlaku lama, bok kwu crita big shot? Apala…) I would say, minor accident, but from JD’s point of view, it was a damn freaking appalling accident, what a cry-baby. “Oww…you poor thing. I’m sorry to hear that,” you expect me to say that? Na-ah… In your face!!! How I wish your car crashed into a ditch instead!

Sweet taste of chocolate:
Wanie picked me up from my aunt’s house around 7, and then we rushed to The Spring since Emot was already there. (Awal la plak mak cik ni…)
We met up at Ta Kiong and then we headed to the food court. Has anyone heard about privilege something2? I forgot what it is called. Wanie brought that thing, and Emot was so anxious. I wonder why. What makes this novel so interesting? Rupa-rupanya buku tok dipenuhi dengan coupons. La, duhal. Wanie gave me the non-halal coupons, while Emot got all the facials. Cis… Not fair…

Then, Wanie and I headed to Korean food section. I ordered one bowl of jjajangmyeon, and a plate of mandu. That would be my first time eating Korean foods, and, could be my last.
(For food presentation, I give 4 stars, and my taste buds give 2 stars. The taste was awful. I can barely swallow them.)

(For food presentation, I give 4 stars as well, and my taste buds give 3 stars. The taste was quite okey, and I have no other remark.)

Garfield, one of my all time favourite cartoon character, lazing around in the middle of nowhere...( The Spring) (cute little.. ooppss..big thing, with Wanie trying to molest that cute little thing.ha3.kenak g kwu Wanie..)

Next, we headed to Barok. The interior was nice. This place is exceptionally famous among those west Malaysians. Guess who we met there? Eric from Casa Impian. He’s so shiny that night. Really shiny…( Thin on top men always get high marks from Wanie. She loves them exceptionally. He3)
I ordered a glass of ice lemon lychee. It tastes great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two thumbs up. I definitely add this drink into my favourite list.
(Welcome to Barok)
(Barok) (While waiting for Emot & co. to arrive)

(Nice and distinctive interior)
(Ice lemon lychee. More than meets the eyes)
(Just because I took this picture of hers, Wanie reckon I'm gay. What the? I'm straight. Any how, I'm trully straight. You can't bend me no matter how hard you try.)

I really enjoy myself that night. Thanks to Wanie, Emot and co., you all really made my day!

The following Sunday, my family and I headed back to Sarikei. And so, the boring 5-hours drive begins.

I love chocolate, both its sweet and bitter taste. And that's why I love my life, even the not so happy moments.


syahzwanie said...

what the..grrrh.whatever.saya mempunyai citarasa yang tinggi dalam memilih

n, wah, anyak puji barok, nampak. i tot it was u (and me) yang byk komplen dat nite. lol

congrats sbab dapat keja ya, btw.

p/s:sikda gamba ku lain nak lebih kacak kah? >:(

Ikie said...

cleanliness,nang aku x puji aa..kotor else than tat,ok.service nya,xdala lmbt gne,myb sbb cdak emot dah ngumpat cdak wal2 dlok.

ahem2..bukan ka kwu nok x mok ambk gmbr ariya geng???? XD

Patt Irmina said...

how can you rate mandu 3 stars...???


Ikie said...

pat, u knw that im allergic to vege rite??he3.too much of vege.i dont like.u prefer our very own Sau mai/sobi.full of babi.he3