Saturday, October 18, 2008


Dropped by Patt's blog last night and she mentioned something about "googling up oneself". Memandangkan I have nothing to do, and since I'm as free as a bird, I buka my laptop and googled up my name. I find it's quite entertaining, seeing my name here and there. Guess someone has a new hobby now! Googling up myself. Hua3.

Can you recognise who this guy is?
This dashing-looking chap is Choi Woo Hyuk. Does this name sound familiar to you?


If you have watched "Autumn In My Heart", you will definitely recognize this pic.

Does it ring a bell?

Still nope?
Let me show you another pic then...

Still clueless? How about these pictures?

No way that good-looking fellow is the same boy in the autumn in my heart drama? Yes way! He once played as the young Joon Suh, whereas the adult was played by Song Seung Hun. It is amazing how much he has changed. Judging from that manly-face and hot-bod, I almost can't recognize him, at all. He is now 23 years old and currently studying filming at a university and is slated to play a role in the upcoming KBS “Empress Chun Chu“. Below are some of his recent pics.



Bridget Lee said...

he looks different! he must have a plastic operation!

Gnet the Squid said...

hemsem jgk dia! oooo.. ehek

Ikie said...

wei bridget.mna da he went for plastic surgery.smpai hati u said like that.he is so handsome you know.hua3.

gnet!yup,he's handsome!dont let bridget poison your mind ya, up lee seung gi.he is way cuter than this guy.he3

pattirmina said...

jambu la grace...mcm gay. =P

Ikie said...

he's NOT GAY!
he's NOT GAY!
he's NOT GAY!
he's NOT GAY!
he's NOT GAY!
he's NOT GAY!
he's NOT GAY!
he's NOT GAY!
Just that he's jambu. XD